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To get to know a country, local delicacies can bring you closer. I always keep this in mind, I taste anything that is said to be a local characteristic. This is how I usually start the order in a restaurant or market. We prefer to speak a language, if not, trusting the best, I leave the choice to the host. Bad hasn’t been baked out of it so far, a tasting adventure at most once.

We arrived in Porto on the fourth day of our trip to Portugal. Starting from an oceanic coastal country, I was preparing to catch fish. But then came the surprise, an unknown gastronomy without sea scallops. Francesinha was introduced.

The porters are very proud of this sandwich, because there are two slices of toast bread hidden under the plenty of tomato sauce. There is a lot of meat inside, beef steak, sausage and ham in the middle, all fried together, then cheese and a fried egg are placed on top. And if that weren’t enough, they’ll also add a large portion of french fries, supposedly so authentic.

Portugál utunk negyedik napján érkeztünk Portoba. Óceán parti országból
kiindulva halas fogásokra készültem. Ám ekkor ért a meglepetés, egy ismeretlen
gasztrokaland tengeri herkentyűk nélkül. Bemutatták Francesinhát.

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